Super Heroine Chronicle - Stage 14 [超ヒロイン戦記 ] 第14章 - Part 15

Nipaaah~ Characters from Anime Higurashi Super Heroine Chronicle Playlist ▻ Click Here To Subscribe! ▻

Super Heroine Chronicle - Stage 22 [超ヒロイン戦記 ] 第22章 - Part 23

ahh Some fanservices again :3 Fight with Durandal [Jeanne d'arc 30th] :3 and NOEL OAST! Here is Louise for you xD Super Heroine Chronicle Playlist ▻http://bi...

Super Heroine Chronicle - Stage 20 [超ヒロイン戦記 ] 第20章 - Part 21

So Yeah. I had little break and i lvl up some characters such as Rem to 60 lvl Tachibana aria and some other one's. Tachibana and Aria have 5th Special Attac...

The Curse of Cleopatra: A Superheroine Parody

Black Canary and Batgirl attempt to take down Cleopatra, but are taken over by the powers of her Cursed Scarab.

Super Heroine Chronicle: Ayanokōji Rem/Warrior Rem All Attacks

Warrior is like a Hyper mode for Rem. She can use the command to transform once the Heroic Boost is full. She's also one of the most powerful characters in t...

Superheroine Fight Part 6

Superheroine Fight 6.

Superheroine Fight 5

Superheroine Fight 5.

Super Heroine Chronicle: Mine Riko Lupin The 4th All Attacks

A secret character, she has 2 damage buffs one of which doubles damage when you attack a enemy from the back and it can be stack with her basic damage buff f...

Super Heroine Chronicle - K-86x W Impact - DLC#2

Well... Nothing to say xD bit ugly but.... Super Heroine Chronicle Playlist ▻ Click Here To Subscribe! ▻

Superheroine Fight Coming soon.

Superheroine Fight Part 9

Superheroine Fight.

Superheroine ryona

Hot ryona.

The Superheroines | Heroine Legends: Tied and Delivered - Trailer

This film trailer is a preview for a longer film or episodic production. Available for purchase at Synopsis: Both want information,...

Japanese masked superheroine #1

Japanese? masked superheroine in peril.

Super Heroine Chronicle - Anime Scene w/ Aria, Riko. Meru. Claude, Rem, Hibiki - SINGING TIME!

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Superheroine (


Super Heroine Chronicle - vs Riko Mine

Riko Mine from "Hidan no Aria". This will probably be my last SHC video for the time being, as quite a few channel received a copyright strikes from this gam...

Super Heroine Chronicle - Stage 18 [超ヒロイン戦記 ] 第18章 - Part 19

So I was able finish my social link with Aria, This what happens xD Super Heroine Chronicle Playlist ▻ Click Here To Subs...

Superheroine Battle

PS Vita - Super Heroine Chronicle - 10minutes Gameplay Trailer [Japan]

Namco Bandai has released the second trailer for Super Heroine Chronicle. The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita simulation RPG featuring heroines from Super Sonico, ...

Super Heroine Chronicle: Goddess of Destruction(Meru Awakened) All Attacks

Funny how Meru's awakened form has the same title as Noel but possess a Angelic Form instead.

Super Heroine Chronicle - Shion and Mion

Shion and Mion Sonozaki, the sisters from the anime Higurashi. 超ヒロイン戦記/Super Heroine Chronicle's Playlist:

American Icon - Sexy Super Heroine Comics

Meet the sexy and powerful comic book heroine American Icon! A warrior princess from the fabled city of Atlantis, she's come to the world to represent her pe...

Super Heroine Chronicle 超ヒロイン戦記 - OPENING HD [Ps3/Ps VIta] [2160p]

If you have question About this game Just ask me :) Super Heroine Chronicle Playlist ▻ Click Here To Subscribe! ▻ http://...

Superheroine Comics!

If you like sexy superheroines, check out Mr. Cryptics Comix at HIP Comix! Ishtar, Brickhouse, Ocelot Woman, and other heroines face peril as they battle the...

Black scorpion superheroine

Black scorpion superheroine.

Superheroine in trap

Superheroine in trap.

Super Heroine Chronicle - Opening Movie

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