Da Turdy Point Buck

A classic Yooper song by Bananas At Large. Be sure to check out Da Turdy Point Buck II and Da Turdy Pointers Christmas! If you liked this, you might also lik...

30 Point Buck-Da Yoopers

This is just a music vid of one of my favourite songs.-plz comment and rate!! AK-57 uzi radar-laser triple barreled-double scoped heatseekin' shotgun!

Da Thirty Point Buck Music Video

30 Point Buck.

30 point buck

The 30 point buck.

da turdy point buck

Da turdy point buck. Marshfield, Wisconsin with the Backwoods Boys doing Wisconsin deer hunting the way it should be done. 30 point buck music video.

30 point buck

30 point buck by Da Yoopers.

Ya Da Turdy Point Buck Song

just for fun for hunt.

da yooopers, da thirty point buck

good song.

Da Turdy Point Buck II (Da Sequel)

Da turdy point buck II by Bananas At Large. Be sure to check out the first video, Da turdy point buck, and the third, Da turdy pointers christmas!

Da Turdy Point Buck song-Bananas At Large

http://turdy-point-buck.com/ A classic yooper hunting song from Banana's At Large. Da Turdy Point Buck Song, is the best deer hunting song ever. Did you see ...

30 Point Buck-Bananas At Large

Lyrics: Let me tell you that you no, it's not so much the heat, as it is the gosh darn humidity. You no when u sit there in the bed, and your just sweaty you...

30 point buck taken by bow in Fond du Lac Wisconsin

30 point buck taken by bow in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. 9/21/09. Produced by Patrick Flood.

Da Turdy Point Buck

Hilarious music video of the famous 30 point buck.

30 point buck

funny song.

BANANAS AT LARGE- Da Turdy Point Buck

A video I made of one of my favorite songs.

The Thirty Point Buck: Picture Animated

A friend at school told me about the song and i couldn't help but to make a picture animated short film of it.

30 point buck shot with bow in Wisconsin!Must see for deer hunters.

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30 Point Buck music video (pt.1) ("Da Turdy Point Buck")

Cartoon Music Video for "Da Turdy Point Buck." Very Funny.

30 point buck

30 point buckim going to black the commets becuse i keep getting ofensive coments and coments that keep saying thing i dont want. BUT u can post but i will h...

Wisconsin man bags 30 point buck with a bow

Wayne Schumacher shot the deer Sunday night from a tree stand near Rosendale.

30 Point Monster Whitetail Buck named Stickers

This is a monster buck we nicknamed Stickers. He has at least 30 points that we can count. You can catch him on the luve cam called Deer Run at USeeWildlife.com.

Monster 8 point Buck shot with Winchester 32 special

8 pointer shot with my Grandpa's Winchester 32 special Modle 94 filmed with Flip mino 2010 season.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - 30 point buck - MOV1F9.MOD

30 point buck - MOV1F9.MOD.

Da Turdy Point Buck - lps skit night 2009

Class of 2010 senior girls' homecoming skit starring Laura and Miranda... and others.

Tirty Point Buck

13 year old and 12 year old lip sync to Thirty Point Buck - back in 2003...these guys are now 18 and 19. 6/2013 - These guys are now 21 and 22 years old. Nev...

30 Point Buck

Recorded on Nov 18 2009.

Yooper Tourist Trap & Da Turdy Point Buck

I visit the Yooper Tourist Trap in Ishpeming, MI. Music by Da Yoopers.

Sutton OID 30 point buck


Turdy Point Buck-The Deer Hunters

Deer Hunting Song.

Da THirty Point BUck by SHockwave

Opening deer season....SHockwave's attempt at the 30 point buck.

30 Point Buck My Eye

Deer season opening day eve.

Waiting for the 30 point buck

I was bored deer hunting so I made this video before I shot the big one for the day!